About us

You are too valuable to spend time, energy, and brainspace on your weight and dieting.

Every second you spend worrying about your weight takes time away from doing something fun, something kind, or something great for the world. You should wake up, love what you see in the mirror, and start every day energized!! That is why this company exists.

Small, daily habits create big changes. The TRICK® was founded to put you back in control of your appetite so you can build the habits you need to finally succeed at losing weight.

After YouTube-ing "how to sew" and spending an hour in Michaels to find the right thread and needles (too scared to ask for help), I hand-sewed the first TRICK out of an old pair of blue jeans. Many years and prototypes later, I hope it is the tool that helps you stay on the right track so you can free your mind from dieting for good!

- Margaret, Founder and CEO

The TRICK - All Natural Appetite Control Band