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1. Take a scarf or piece of string, and wrap it around your torso between the underwire of your bra and your belly button. 
2. Mark where the two ends meet. 
3. Measure the length with a ruler or tape measure (in inches). 
4. 34 inches or less: Size 37 inch; Greater than 34 inches: Size 43 inch

*We do not carry larger sizes at this time because it is most effective for 5-35lbs of weight lost.

If you are XS/S/M/L, you’ll order a Size 37 inch.

If you are XL/XXL, you’ll order a Size 43 inch

*We do not carry larger sizes at this time because it is most effective for 5-35lbs of weight lost.

Both sizes are adjustable (extra long velcro). You will have room to change, improve, and lose weight.

If your TRICK is rolling up, try one of the two solutions below. If neither work, we can refund you right away!

1. Shift the band down towards your belly button or waistband (as far as it needs to go) until it lies flat. The recommended placement might be too high for your body shape. Once you pull it down, it will sit lower on your torso.

2. Do you feel like it’s the right length? It could be a problem with sizing. It doesn't need to be overly tight, and we will happily exchange for you.

Let us know!

How to use the TRICK?

Hi All! Founder here. Nice to meet you. My name is Margaret.

I'll answer this with my story.

I did exactly that when I first made a TRICK for myself. Wore it all day. I lost a good chunk of weight in the first two weeks because it works.

But, then my body kind of outsmarted it. I would just be like, ehh I got this. I won't wear it today. And immediately, I was back to square one.

This is a tool for you, but here's what worked for me for your info. I picked small, achievable goals, and used the TRICK to make them stick before moving on to another small, achievable goal. Emphasis on achievable.

It took me around a year to lose the weight I wanted to lose for good. And, I'm still improving every day. Making better food habits. Making my relationship with food stronger.


1. Your first goal could be never eat after 7pm. Never. Just start there. Put the TRICK on every day after 7pm. After 14 - 21 days, your body will adjust to this schedule. Then, you won’t need the TRICK for that anymore. It’s a huge achievement if you can make JUST that happen. Your first achievement.

2. Once you get that under your belt, you can move onto the next goal. Let’s say it’s eliminating snacking between lunch and dinner. You’ll wear the TRICK in the afternoons to do it. After 14 - 21 more days, your body will respond and adjust. Now, you won’t be consuming food between lunch and dinner OR after dinner.

3. Next, add on. Let’s say it’s cut out dessert. Use the TRICK to cut cravings for dessert, then keep going.

Whatever you do, the key is getting these small wins under your belt slowly and surely. That’s what makes weight loss sustainable. Weight loss is hard, but slow and steady and a good tool will get you there. 

Everyone's story will be different. I hope the TRICK will make your journey easier.

Not necessary as you aren't eating in those time. The TRICK is a tool for appetite control.

The TRICK is most effective for 5-35lbs of weight lost. 43 inch (sizes XL-XXL) is the biggest size we carry at this time because that keeps us in the range where this tool is most effective and performs optimally for you. If you have specific questions about your body type or goals, please email us ( We would love to discuss! Our founder answers all inquiries.

Write us (! We are happy to give you more information or discuss specifics.

Machine wash on delicate or hand wash in warm water. Air dry. Do not use bleach. Do not iron.

How does the TRICK work?

Thank you so much for asking! We could talk about neurotransmitters in your stomach, but instead we want to tell you simply.

When you wear the TRICK, the consistent pressure the band of fabric places over your stomach makes you feel full faster. When you feel full, your hormones take care of the rest, and your appetite is curbed.

It works the same way that wearing a tight pair of jeans on Thanksgiving works. You just aren’t as hungry; you fill up faster; you don’t want that second serving. BUT, you can wear the TRICK under your clothes on a daily basis and it’s really comfortable (unlike a tight pair of jeans).

How to use the TRICK if you want to try intermittent fasting

Skip breakfast. Make your first meal lunch. Create an 8 hour block of time each day designated for calorie consumption (12-8pm, 10am-6pm). Stick to it. Wear the TRICK when you aren't eating to crush hunger.

Adjust based on your weight loss goals. Shorten your eating window by 15 minutes a day. The shorter your window is, the faster you will lose. The TRICK makes it easier.

Drink water to stay hydrated (flat, sparkling, or mineral) and black coffee or tea (hot or iced). Homemade bone broth also OK. Remember, anything that activates your fat storage hormones kicks your body out of fat burning mode.

Add to your water: You can add lime, lemon, or other fruit slices (do not eat the fruit). You can also add vinegars, especially apple cider vinegar, Himalayan salt, one tablespoon of chia or flaxseed to fill you up. 

Do not add to your water: Do not add sweeteners, powders, or drops even if they are sugarfree.

Coffee: Up to six cups of coffee caffeinated or decaffeinated throughout your day safely. Black is preferable, but you can add up to one tablespoon of certain fats to each cup of coffee (coconut oil, MCT oil, butter, heavy whipping cream, half and half, whole milk, stay away from skim or low fat, ground cinnamon for flavor, no powered dairy products).

Herbal teas: help suppress appetite. Green tea, cinnamon chai tea, black tea, or oolong tea are acceptable. Unsweetened and up to a tablespoon of certain fats, same as above.

Homemade broth: good source of electrolytes. Consume as much homemade broth as you need if necessary. You can add any leafy vegetable that grows above the ground and ground flaxseed. Avoid all store bought broths.

Hunger does not progress, it comes in and out in waves. Distract yourself or drink a full glass of water. It will be gone by the end. If you have binges, don’t worry or keep the band on to help. Keep taking little steps toward your goal. The binge-eating will subside as your body and brain adapt to the new eating rhythm. Stay on track and things will stabilize.

Experiment to personalize your delayed eating plan! Find out what you can and can't eat that still enables you to lose weight and maintain it. Allow three weeks to evaluate the effect on your weight loss of introducing something new.

If you are maintaining your weight instead of losing, you may find you can be more lax.

Intermittent fasting gives you a metabolic advantage over “calories in, calories out” so no food is off limits. You're not on a diet. You decide what you want to eat. But, to lose weight faster, eat fewer processed foods and less sugar during your eating window.

Once you hit maintenance, you can ease into dessert or snacks within your window. For optimal health, you should eat a balanced diet with a variety of nutrients.

When you are eating less often, you are drawn to higher quality foods automatically because you’ll pay more attention to how food makes you feel.

You can eat according to any lifestyle (e.g., low carb, paleo, vegetarian, vegan).

You will get to a point where you are listening to your hunger hormones instead of being held hostage by emotional eating. You’ll have a healthy relationship with food and we are excited for you! No more yo yo dieting!

No stress! Life is about celebrating! Shift your eating window to accommodate the event wherein you wish to eat. A well planned indulgence is not a cheat day. 

E.g., your best friend’s bridesmaid brunch. Not a problem as your first meal is 12pm or 1 anyway. You would eat brunch, then don't snack until dinner. Your husband’s work dinner at 7? Small meal at 1 and dinner with him at 7. Stop eating by 8. Skip dessert if it arrives at 8:01. You make dinner for your children at 5 and your husband at 8pm? No problem. You eat your first meal at 2:30 and finish dinner with him by 8:30pm. Don’t eat with your kids.

Just adjust to two meals a day however you need to. You can move your window each day based on your life. The key is to only eat within the 8 hour eating window, and as you get better at it, your window shrinks to more like 5-6 hours. How tight your window is depends on whether you are losing weight or maintaining weight. If you mess it up for a couple of days, start again. It is your new life, not a diet. It will work with very little effort.

Skipping a meal puts me in starvation mode. False. In fact, your body releases energy stored as fat — and doesn’t take energy from your muscles or tissue. You will not be hungry because you have the TRICK to signal to your brain that you are full. As you make delaying your first meal a habit, your appetite corrects, and you'll need the TRICK less and less!

If I skip a meal, I’ll overeat and undo the benefit. False. Studies show that while you do increase your intake during periods of eating, it does NOT offset the calories you save by eating 1-2 meals a day instead of 3. You come out net positive. Plus, your appetite will correct in a few weeks and your body will crave healthier food naturally. Double win.

If I skip a meal, my metabolism will go down. False. When you delay eating instead of calorie restricting several mini meals, your body doesn't perceive a caloric deficit because it gets all the energy it needs from your fat stores. So your metabolism STAYS CHURNING. You gain a metabolic advantage! 

We suggest keeping it to yourself. Most people are critical of intermittent fasting because they don't understand it. Food companies spend billions of dollars to make that happen. Read this study to arm yourself with knowledge of the undeniable health benefits. Remember: No one tells you you are harming yourself by constantly overeating and remaining overweight.

If you need to, tell people you are watching what you eat or simply that you're not hungry yet.

Keep yourself out of peer pressure situations. Avoid situations where others are eating. If you usually eat lunch with people, work through lunch or take a walk outside.

Tell people your doctor has you on a time restricted eating plan. There are many doctors that recommend intermittent fasting.

Be cautious. Once you start eating less often, you can’t drink as much as you used to drink. Have food with drinks. Alcohol will go straight to your system.

If you are trying to lose weight, alcohol might not be your friend. It’s empty calories, high in sugar, and lowers your inhibitions. It’s hard not to dive in a delicious pizza while intoxicated.

The “beer gut” isn’t a myth.

Exercise is not that effective for weight loss. So don't exercise to lose weight. Exercise for your physical and mental health. Find a type of exercise you enjoy that fits easily into your lifestyle so you can keep it up! P.S. Walking is a very helpful daily practice when you're trying to lose weight.

Studies show you can get the benefits if you go until lunch without food 5 days a week. So, depending on your goals, weekends free is an option! 

It's more flexible than most diet plans and can easily fit into just about anyone’s life. Pick the 8 hours that you will eat and the other 16 that you won’t. You can eat from 8 am to 6pm or from 1 to 9pm. The tighter you keep the window and the more healthy food choices, the faster you lose weight. It all depends on your weight loss goal!

It’s easy to skip a meal in the day because wearing the TRICK you won’t be hungry. If you choose a five hour window, you could eat two meals or naturally progress to one snack and one meal a day. Don’t stress about your food choices because you will already have reduced your daily calorie intake and will be losing weight with little to no effort.

Be flexible for special occasions. Life's about balance. Celebrate with your family and friends. After, go back to your program. It's a lifestyle. 

Eating within a certain window each day = Effortless maintenance. Your body will happily maintain its weight loss. This isn't a diet that you stop when you've lost a few pounds. There are many special occasions in life. Just get back to it each time for lifelong effortless maintenance. 

Common problems that make keeping the weight off harder:

(1) Use of flavored or artificially sweetened products during periods without food make keeping the weight off more difficult.

(2) Seeing your weight loss goal as a finish line. Daily delayed eating is a lifestyle, not a diet. You can’t go back to eating three meals a day and expect your body to maintain. NOT constantly eating is what keeps your appetite corrected.

There are 4 common fasting plans. The plan for you is the one that makes you feel most in control and the one you can stick to long-term. Experiment to find what works best for you. 

- 16:8 Eat during the day from noon to 8 and fast outside of that window. (Another simple way to do this is stop eating after 6pm.)

- 24 Hour Fast Fast for 24 hours on and 24 hours off. Also known as alternate day fasting.

- 4:3 Fast for four days a week. Eat normally for 3 days a week.

- 5:2 Eat 2 meals for total of 500 calories (one meal 200 and one meal 300 calories )on 2 days, eat regular diet for 5 days.

Get your best friend or your husband involved with intermittent fasting. Studies show you'll increase your chance of success. Or join an online group! Two good ones are Facebook’s Intermittent Fasting For Women and Delay, Don’t Deny: Intermittent Fasting Support Group.

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