How to Use

1. Place the band around your torso, under your clothes. It will be above your belly button and below your ribs. (That's where your stomach is.)

2. Leave it there, or shift/pull the TRICK® down towards your belly button until it lies flat on your stomach and doesn't roll.

3. Pick one or any combination below. Use the TRICK® to curb your appetite when you need extra willpower.

  • Portion control.
  • Stop late night eating.
  • Reduce sugar (ex. no dessert).
  • Stop snacking between meals.
  • Intermittent fast! Skip breakfast. Make your first meal lunch. Create an 8 hour block of time each day designated for calorie consumption (12-8pm, 10am-6pm). Stick to it. Wear the TRICK when you aren't eating to crush hunger. Adjust your window based on your weight loss goals.

4. Lose weight! Use the TRICK® to make weight loss easier for you.

 Do not wear the TRICK to sleep, when you workout, when you're pregnant or breastfeeding. As with any health-related decision, consult your doctor before use.