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It is not your fault diets fail.

You're supposed to cut out entire food groups, count every calorie, never eat dessert, plus do an hour of intense cardio a day??? How are you supposed to do this with the sheer force of your willpower alone?

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⚬ Has counting calories ever worked for you to keep weight off LONG TERM?

⚬ You can't think your way out of being hungry. Weight is not consciously controlled; it's hormonally controlled.


⚬ On average, humans consume 16x the calories we need daily.

⚬ But, most people try to make huge sweeping changes. Why do they fail? Our bodies are actually programmed to resist large changes (technical term: homeostasis).

Why we struggle with weight

Hunger waves and circadian rhythms.

If you eat a snack at 11PM a few days in a row, your body will crave food every day at 11PM going forward. You perceive it as real hunger, but it is not. If you resist the urge for ~1 week, your body will adjust to that new rhythm and will no longer send you hunger signals at that time.

Restricting calories is hard to maintain.

When you restrict food intake, hunger hormones shoot up and metabolism cranks down as your body counteracts your weight loss plan to protect you from starvation.

Lots of tiny meals and snacks are hard on your metabolism.

Your body perceives constant calorie restricted eating (3 diet meals a day + snacks) as a state of caloric deficit. It slows your metabolism as a protective measure and it is permanent.

Eating around the clock.

When you eat all the time, your body is busy processing the sugar from food and can't get to your stored fat. Your body has fat stores for a reason. Fat = stored energy! We are built not to need food all the time.

Our brains treat food like happy pills.

Food, like alcohol or drugs, releases dopamine in your brain. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter associated with reward.

Exercise accounts for ONLY 5% of weight loss.

Your diet accounts for 95%. Despite many other health benefits, exercise can undermine weight loss by stimulating hunger and convincing you that you burned off far more calories than you did.


Remember, your body is programmed to resist big change (homeostasis). Don't try to do it with sheer willpower alone. The TRICK® will help you lose weight.